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M.A. (Economics) | FCIS | B. Ed.

Cell: +1-647-625-7740


Facebook: lwithfa

Twitter: @lwithfa

Teaching through innovative methods to groom students with an Islamic personality through focus via differentiated instruction on the contribution of the Islamic Golden Age to modern subjects like mathematics, science and language

arts. Facilitating the homeschooling community through my experience spread over a decade-and-a-half, gained through involvement in curriculum design, counselling, school leadership and administration.

Over 16 years of experience as a principal, as well as teaching, administration and management of school activities, designed and implemented techniques for effective classroom management and demonstrated knowledge of various classroom management programs.

Possess the ability to effectively deal with children and those with limited reasoning ability through

psycho-therapeutic techniques for behavioral change.

 Developed and delivered presentation on “Curriculum Design - integrating Islam into the Ontario Curriculum” - the

presentation was targeted towards Islamic schools and gave them avenues for integrating inventions from the

Golden Age into modern-day subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Life Sciences.

 Researched and developed a plan for Islamization of curriculum by integrating Islamic values in the curriculum.

 Addressed various large and small community organizations focusing on different aspects of a child’s psychology and mental development during homeschooling.

 Made successful attempts to bring remarkable changes in youth, especially focused on high school students and

made significant impact on boosting their morale and self-confidence by uplifting their conscious decision-making


 Conducted numerous workshops and counseling sessions in Toronto with an objective to educate parents about

how to take themselves and their children to the next level by effectively explaining the reciprocal relationship

between cognition, behavior and environment which helped the parents to build a solid foundation upon which they

can nurture and develop their children.

 Currently I am a community leader in the Greater Toronto Area, and help students of Islamic and public schools at

various levels, achieve their dreams. I also served as an independent seerah and Quranic tajweed teacher.

Alhamdulillah, I have been associated with the homeschooling community in Mississauga for the past 5 years, and have successfully homeschooled several students including Huffadh, and made their transition from homechooling to main-stream schooling system, up to the level of high-school a succesful experience.

Farhana Arif Nota
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