Interview with former TMH Admins

The first Interview is that of our former TMH Admins, Munazza (also a co-founder), Nichole and Sanna. It was originally posted in May 2016.

These three wonderful sister have all moved on as Admins and are pursuing other things to further benefit the community. Munazza resigned from her role as Admin in 2018 and remains connected to TMH by offering her continuous support and wisdom with our members. She continues to homeschool her youngest child who is now ten, while her boys have decided to continue to pursue their education at a local public high school. Nichole is currently pursuing her passion to teach the Arabic language and has recently launched her own website Sanna is about to begin her fourth year as a Midwifery student, all while continuing to homeschool her four children. We wish the best for these sisters and ask you to keep them and their families in your duas.


How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

Sanna:  4 kids.  2 boys (8.5 &7)  2 girls (5.5 & 4)

Nichole: 4 children. By the year’s end their closeness in age will show more: 9, 8, 7, and 4. Three girls and a lonely boy.

Munazza:  3 kids – 2 boys (14 & 13) – girl (6)

How would you describe your homeschooling style?

Sanna:  Unschool, very lax, lazy, and mix of different things.

Nichole:  Eclectic and chaotic! There is no schedule or rhythm to our days. And we are usually out. We go on a lot of trips, attend numerous classes and workshops and love visiting family and friends. At the moment we do not use a single curriculum book. But books still take over our space and I’m so tired of paying library fines! As they get older, I do long for more structured days and when I can routinely teach my children the Book of Allah, with understanding. My educational method and style is my own, but I love reading about unschooling, a Thomas Jefferson Education and Project-Based Homeschooling as well as books by Charlotte Mason and John Taylor Gatto.

Munazza:  A mix of traditional, unschooling and no schooling.

In one sentence, why did you choose to homeschool?

Sanna:  To invest in our kids and raise good children.

Nichole:  It was never a conscious choice. I see a mother educating her child as a natural part of motherhood.

Munazza:  So I could teach my kids what I want them to learn.

What do you feel is your biggest strength as a homeschooling mother?

Sanna:  My biggest strength would be my husband’s support- not every mom has that.

Nichole:  I am full of flaws but I think my strong desire to do things for my kids is one of my strengths. I love planning and teaching so my children benefit from the many trips I organize, classes I conduct, workshops I schedule and books and resources I order based on hours of research. I do things myself for my children rather than wait for it to come or complain that it is not available for them.

Munazza:  I’m very open and honest with my children. I’ve never been afraid  to share the realities of the world with them.  Living in Toronto for years had exposed my boys to poverty at a very young age. Rather then getting weirded out by the panhandlers I would tell them stories about them, as sadly,  they had been there for years already.