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5 Tips on Staying Active for Homeschooling Families

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

We’re so happy to welcome Carly McEnaney from In Home Holistix as a guest blogger to the TMH blog today! As a very busy homeschooling mom of 4, Carly shares a deep understanding of the constant sacrifice women make for others and yet not herself.  She guides and coaches women of all ages looking for healthy weight loss, ways to increase their fitness levels or restore their energy, regulate blood sugar and blood pressure, manage back pain, and more. Today she offers her fellow TMH homeschooling families advice on staying active despite their busy schedules.

1) Gratitude is the best attitude

In case you are wondering….Yes, this article is about health and fitness! What I have discovered in my long years of practice and passion in this area, is that we are not quite aware of how and why physical fitness is a duty upon us all. Generally speaking, even more so for women and girls, it (fitness) is commonly not viewed as important. In order to show we are grateful for our 3 trillion cells all  working together simultaneously and symbiotically, we can simply take care of it.

If we are aware that our miraculous bodies are an Amanah from Allah, to put is simply, it is an act of worship to stay fit.

Good deeds for investing in a sincere effort are recorded for all the good choices one makes in keeping your entrusted body as strong and fit as possible. Be mindful of it’s rights over you and make some small but continuous steps towards implementing fitness into your schedule.

#2) Goal setting

Set some REALISTIC health  and fitness goals for yourself and your children.


For example, if your energy is low, exercise is a guaranteed way to increase that. So even if your goal is to elevate your energy levels, and perhaps improve your sleeping habits, so be it.

Another example for many moms ,  would be to shed some excess fat that weighs us down mentally and physically. In turn, toning up our muscles. That goal would simply be named  “changing up our body composition”.

Another goal might entail improving your cardiovascular system. How many of you would love to NOT huff and puff after chasing our toddler around, or going up a single flight of stairs? Well your heart and lungs are super important muscles and organs that NEED attention and workouts in order to stay strong.


This might seemingly sound insignificant, but as a homeschooling mom of 4 for many years, sleep in essential, we ALL KNOW THAT. I cannot tell you how much one’s quality of life increases by having more energy and better sleep… just from exercise alone. You would be amazed, ma shaa Allah.

*The above goals could also apply to children and other family members.

#3) Set and example-Role model it

I sometimes have witnessed parents complaining about their child’s physical appearance or concern for their child’s health, by insinuating that their child doesn’t move enough, or is lazy or whatever. Parents, I would self reflect first. You need to ask yourself “What have done to expose and model the correct approach to health and fitness?” “ What have I done to implement it?” What have I done to provide them with outlets to do so? “ “What example have I set for them to follow?”

Please ponder upon that and start with yourself first, if you have a child that is not physically active and/or doesn’t have the desire to be.  I can guarantee that once your child(ren) see you doing, they wanna join in.

#4) Scheduling and Accountability

Make sure you have a clear-cut implementation with-in your weekly schedule… aaannnd, make it known to the children and spouse of your family. Kids will not forget when it is time to hit the trail at Erindale park, or hop on your bikes, or head to the school to play on the outdoor basketball courts, just saying!

For moms, if you need to make your own time, which I also recommend, find a workout buddy, sign up for classes with the buddy and hold each other accountable.

#5) Pick Fun and engaging activities

Exercise doesn’t always have to be gruelling. Hiking, walking, soccer, swimming, bike riding, skiing, skating, snowshoeing are all family and team oriented activities that can bring us together and learn some life lessons along the way.

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