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Homeschool 101:

Presentation - Panel Discussion - Q&A
Curious about Homeschooling? New to homeschooling?
Don't know where to start?

Join us at our special Homeschool 101 event—an informative and inspirational session to hear from veteran homeschoolers and get all your questions answered! 

Homeschool 101 is for new and current homeschoolers who have questions regarding curriculum, co-ops, socialization, laws and yes, even mental health!


Geared at both prospective and new homeschoolers alike, the session will also feature a panel discussion featuring:

- veteran TMH homschooling parents

- two (2) homeschooling fathers

- and a helpful Q&A session


You'll also have an opportunity to chat with current homeschoolers in the Durham region. 

Dads are encouraged to join as well, meet other dads, and clarify any questions.


***Please check your email (or spam folder) for your registration confirmation.***

Babysitting service is available on site at an additional cost.

(See info provided in the form below)

Registration for Homeschool 101 Event 

*All attendees MUST register separately. If you and your spouse will be attending, you must complete two (2) separate forms.

Jazak'Allah Khair for registering!


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