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Submit Your Group or Co-op

Do you run a local homeschool club, group, co-op, or social community? 


Please fill out this form so we can add your group to our Groups & Co-ops List​ and help new members connect with you!

Group & Co-op Submission Form

Please share a short description of your group. Include details that may be helpful like: location/area, any restrictions (e.g. girls only, specific age range, etc), types of activities (hiking, co-op, meetups, etc)

Group Contact Info

This information will be posted on our website (only visible to TMH members) so they can reach out for further information or to be added to the group.

Method(s) of Communicaton

Name of coordinator in charge of managing the group

How can members join your group? This can be a WhatsApp group link, Instagram handle, Facebook group/profile link, email address, and/or phone number. Include all that apply.

Please note: This information will be visible to all TMH Members on our website's member portal.

Thanks for your submission, JazakiAllahu khair!

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