Our Team


Bilqees Quick


Bilqees is a mother of 5 homeschooled children ranging in ages 23 to 10 years. She has been successfully homeschooling her children for the past 19 years and is one of three founders of Toronto Muslim Homeschoolers where she was apart of the admin for 8 years.

Bilqees is also owner/floral designer at Zuhoor Designs. Zuhoor Designs is a floral design business that provides fresh flower arrangements for weddings and events. She is also the mother and manager of the contemporary nasheed group Mustaqeem.


Atyah Khan


Bio - coming soon


Roda Omer

Board Member, Secretary

Roda is homeschooling mother of three children, and an architect by profession. She has been a TMH member and acting in an Admin role for the past four years.

Her expertise in the fields of networking, event coordination, management and consulting spans over a decade of work in executive leadership and program management for several major city-wide Islamic conventions and organizations (Journey of Faith, Being Me, Nikah Wedding Convention, Toronto Muslim Homeschoolers, Women’s Health Expo). These projects led to her becoming an entrepreneur bringing her own future projects and initiatives to fruition. 

Her current work reflects her vision to train and share her expertise with Muslim women, encouraging them on the path of entrepreneurship and creating more opportunities and spaces that celebrate their financial freedom and personal growth.


Maryam S

Board Member, Media Head

Maryum S is a Board Member for the Toronto Muslim Homeschoolers organization, a part of its Finance Committee and assists with Media jobs. She organizes many classes and workshops for children as well as homeschool social events for mothers.

Maryum has always homeschooled her 2 children. For more than 5 years, her homeschool style has been eclectic – traditional in some subjects and unschooling in others. She tries to tailor the material and its delivery to match the individual needs of her children. Her favourite way to facilitate the education of her children is by checking out dozens of library books on a given subject and spending the afternoon reading about it together.

In her spare time, Maryum enjoys painting, reading, playing board games and travelling.


Munazza Mukri


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Aasiya Walling

Board Member, Chair

Aasiya Qasim has been homeschooling for the past 8 years. She uses an eclectic approach to educate her 3 children. During her first pregnancy, she started a personal blog called Aasiya’s Homechool that has now become a place to document her homeschool journey, as well as a place to reach out and support other homeschoolers.

Aasiya has completed Early Childhood Education (ECE) from Sheridan College. She also runs a Non Profit Youth Program called Footsteps of the Prophets with her husband. For the last 3 years, she has volunteered her time working with girls with Girl Guides of Canada.

Aasiya was born in Canada and raised by her loving and supportive mother. She began learning about Islam in her early teens and then embraced the Faith shortly after. She has lived in Malaysia for 2 years and had the opportunity to travel to nearby countries. Currently, Aasiya resides in Mississauga with her husband, three children, and sweet grandma.


Nadia Akhtar

Board Member, Treasurer

Nadia has been homeschooling her 4 children from the time they entered school age. She loves workbooks and library material and tends to use these resources the most in her home education.

Nadia has contributed to TMH through many trips and classes for children, social events for mothers, previously managing the TMH Facebook Page, accounting finances as TMH Treasurer and as a Board Member for the organization.

Nadia has a Bachelors of Education degree and is certified with the Ontario College of Teachers. She currently works as a highschool math teacher.

In her spare time, Nadia loves to read, travel, hike, exercise and teach.